Welcome to the Devin Peninsula Nature Reserve in Stralsund
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Dear Visitors!
Welcome to the Devin Peninsula Nature Reserve (Naturschutzgebiet Halbinsel Devin).
Day visitors are invited to explore the beauty and species richness of the Devin Peninsula Nature Reserve using the designated loop trail through the coastal landscape along the Strelasund.
The 105-hectare-large nature reserve was established in 1993 with the goal of protecting and maintaining an open grassland ecosystem with a mosaic of semi-natural calcareous grassland sites, wetlands and small ponds, as well as natural beach and bluff habitats. The highest point on the peninsula, the Schalksberg, has an elevation of 23 metres above sea level. The up to 15-metre-high cliffs facing the sound provide breeding sites for the rare European sand martin. Protected coastal  zones, including the sand spit Deviner Haken at the northern tip of the peninsula, are of great importance for large numbers of shorebirds. Some of the species that use these habitats to breed, rest and feed are threatened and endangered.
The terrestrial landscape is dominated by ground moraines. Diverse animals and plants thrive in this natural environment, including protected species such as European otter, brown long-eared bat, emperor dragonfly, Eurasian wryneck, penduline tit and red-backed shrike as well as carline thistle, seaside arrowgrass, common cudweed, marsh helleborine and heath spotted-orchid. A small wetland in the northern part of the nature reserve is home to royal fern, round-leaved sundew and marsh pennywort.
In order to maintain this natural treasure along the shore of the Strelasund with its unique open landscape and high biodiversity, the
habitat management plan for the reserve includes grazing and mowing. Managed grazing by approx. 650 sheep and goats keeps the grassland habitats open and contributes to species conservation. These animals should not be disturbed.
When visiting the Devin Peninsula Nature Reserve, please follow the rules and regulations posted on the information boards in the parking lot. It is essential that you stay on the designed trail, keep your dog on a leash, refrain from lighting fires and pack out your waste. All vehicles (including bicycles and dirt bikes) are prohibited!
Help keep the Devin Peninsula Nature Reserve clean, safe and beautiful!


Download our German-language leaflet on the Devin Peninsula here.
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